Frequently asked questions

General questions about the mini-diggers

Mini-diggers made in France?
100% made in France!
More specifically in Alsace where we design and manufacture the mini-diggers, along with the numerous accessories. Laser cutting, welding, painting & assembly are the various phases involved in manufacturing the mini-diggers. As far as the engines (Briggs & Stratton) and wheels are concerned, they are imported. They were carefully selected for their quality, robustness and technical performance.

Why is there no roll bar or safety cab on a Smartpel mini-digger?
Our Smartpel mini-diggers are really lightweight, so there is no need for roll bars or cabs.
As from a weight of 1,000 kg: a roll bar is needed for protection against turning over.
As from a weight of 1,500 kg: a cab is needed for protection against turning over.

Do you need a specific licence to drive a Smartpel mini-digger?
No, you do not need a specific licence to drive a Smartpel mini-digger.

Do you have to insure your mini-digger?
As it is not for driving on roads, you need to find out about this in terms of civil liability or, if necessary, find the equivalent of an agricultural machinery insurance.

Is there a braking system on the mini-diggers?
No, but there is an automatic drive braking as soon as you release the control. On a slope, you are advised to lower the blade when you park the machine.

Questions about performance & types of work

What is the performance of the mini-digger like on clay or rocky soil?
In all situations, it is the top layer which needs the most effort from the mini-digger. Once the top layer is removed, it offers little resistance. For instance, as clay soil is denser by nature, it is more difficult to digging into a great death, but here too it is the top layer that offers the most resistance. Depending on the type of soil, it will take you more or less time. However, Smartpel does not enable you to dig rock and the nature of the ground must be suitable for the bucket's 900 kg of breakout force.

Are the mini-diggers all terrain?
Smartpels are not intended for use on slopes over 30%: there would be too little tractive force, along with a risk of instability and poor engine lubrication.

Is it possible to dig out a swimming pool with Smartpel mini-diggers?
Smartpel mini-diggers are not intended to be used for this kind of work. Nevertheless, you may consider digging out a swimming pool, depending on the size required. Maximum size to be considered: 6 x 3 metres with a depth of 1.5 metres.

What type of work is Smartpel intended for?
Landscaping work:
- Earthwork,
- Moving materials (hay, wood, etc.),
- Extracting the stumps of trees, shrubs, thuyas, bamboos, etc.
- Digging foundations (in earth, sand, clay, gravel or an earth/rubble mixture too. CAUTION, this machine is not made to break up concrete or tarmac, but it can easily extract blocks of stone buried in the ground).
- Digging trenches (for laying water and gas pipes and ducts for electric cables, telephone lines, internet network cables, fibre optic cables, etc.),
- Planting trees or erecting fences,
- Dredging ditches or ponds, etc.

I can't decide between the 7HP / 9HP petrol models and the diesel model - can you help?
The 7HP model is recommended for occasional use and the 9HP for intensive use.
The electronic starting, which is available on the 9HP petrol model, is a matter of comfort.
The diesel model is a matter of preference, however you should be aware that this type of engine is noisier and generates more vibration. 

Are the tyres fitted on the mini-digger strong enough?
Tyres are proportional to the small size of the excavator, while including a safety margin with respect to the maximum load (factor 2). In principle, the wheels are only used for moving the machine around, there are stabilisers and the front blade to maintain the mini-digger's balance while it is digging. The size of the wheels was also designed for narrow passages.

Questions relating to the control of the mini-digger

How do you control a mini-digger?
You choose the model which fits your expectations and is suitable for your type of land and the work you intend to do. Our sales team remains at your disposal to advise you via contact@jmeka.fr or on +33(0)388 586969

1. You complete the purchase order form with the mini-digger and / or accessories you want to buy, you choose customer collection or shipment by haulier and generate the purchase order.

2. You will receive an email with the purchase order and the steps to follow to pay for your order. Following the payment of the 30% deposit, we start manufacturing your mini-digger. Once the process has started, we agree a delivery or collection date. Our leadtimes are 3-4 weeks after payment of the deposit which validates acceptance of the quotation. The goods will only leave the factory after the balance is paid.

What are the leadtimes?
Our products are generally delivered within 3 to 4 weeks after payment of the deposit which validates acceptance of the quotation. The goods will only leave the factory once the balance is paid. The leaditimes mentioned are only given for information purposes and may be reduced or extended depending on our production. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out the leadtimes for your chosen machine.

How do I organise delivery?
The haulier and / or the JMEKA sales representative will contact you to specify a possible time slot for the delivery to be made. Delivery is made on a semi-trailer truck, so there must be a single access point for the truck. If this is not the case, please let us know at the time of the order. If you do not have any unloading equipment (forklift truck, telescopic handler or tractor with forks), the truck can be fitted with a tailgate to facilitate unloading (extra charge).

If payment of the balance has been made before delivery, what guarantees do I have?
JMEKA is insured for potential damage during transport, including theft (outside France, find out if insurance is included). To take over the insurance, you are requested to carry out a conformity check (make sure that the products comply with the order and are not damaged) when they are unloaded and before signing the haulier's delivery note. 

Questions on start-up, the warranty & parts

Do you have any advice about start-up?
First, familiarise yourself with the hydraulic control which is not progressive. The fluidity of the machine's movements will depend on the fluidity of the control movements...  Make sure the machine is stable when it is set up and that nobody is within the field of rotation. Carry out your first manoeuvres in soft soil.

What are the terms of my warranty?
- The warranty is valid for two years (personal user) / one year (professionnal) as from the date of the order (except accessories)
- For the warranty to be valid, you have to provide the warranty sheet duly completed (point of sale stamp, date of purchase - salesperson's signature, serial number and year of manufacture) along with the invoice.
- The warranty only covers repairs involving replacing items which have proved to be defective after verification by JMEKA. The cost of spare parts is borne by JMEKA. Labour costs and travel expenses are borne by the dealer. Wearing parts (brass slide, cable, belt) are not covered by the warranty. The warranty does not take into account transport costs.
- For the safety of the user and the validity of the warranty, it is absolutely essential to use spare parts recommended by AMR (contact your dealer for more information).

The warranty is cancelled:
- If there have been attempts to carry out repairs not prescribed by the manufacturer,
- In the event of a defect resulting from poor maintenance or misuse by an unauthorised person.

In case of a problem, how is the after-sales service operating ?
Satisfaction of customers all around the world is a priority for JMEKA. In case of breakdown or malfunction, please contact the after-sales service by phone or mail to explain the problem encountered or provide photos. If the problem hasn’t been solved, our after-sales service will decide whether to send parts, to repair on site or repatriate the machine.
1. Telephone hot line (+33 03 88 58 69 69) / mail (contact@jmeka.fr)
2. Sending parts in warranty worldwide
3. Repatriation of all or part of the machine, or support of repair costs to a professional (only after validation of the quotation by the JMEKA company) JMEKA supported agriculture network and green space from its AMR sister company throughout Europe.

Questions about mini-digger maintenance

How should  I take care of my mini-digger?
You will find information relating to maintenance in the instruction manual supplied with the mini-digger at the time of your purchase. If you no longer have this document in your possession, you can contact us via contact@jmeka.fr

What oil should be used for Smartpel mini-diggers?
Hydraulic oil, viscosity 32 or 46.
Engine oil for petrol or diesel engines.