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The investment is worth it! I highly recommend this purchase, if like me you have a backache in the late afternoon with the pick and shovel.


After long hesitation between a 1.5 T mini excavator, I opted for a Spider Smartpel because price and place. It was in the end of 2013. After one year of use, I sold it in order to take Smartpel Move (on 4 wheels). That is very satisfying and with which I have done much work ( I am now considering taking the Smartpel Track for the side all terrain ! and yes, never 2 without 3)

My preferences

I prefer to work with the 7 levers instead of Joystick
Preference for Smartpel Move for better stability on side
The Smartpel Spider is practice attached behind a car and for a small area
51 cm bucket is ideal for earthworks and trenches


- Good quality / price ratio
- Real support for the work itself
- Easy to take in hand
- Practical, handy and go-anywhere
- Ability to work on the entire rotation ( left-right - front to back )
- Mini digger really robust
- Tearing power of 900kg allows a multitude of work
- Uprooting trees made ​​with bucket 26 cm series
- It stores easily in my garage

Work completed

Excavation of the cellar with Smartpel Spider
Opening the cellar of an old house for extraction
Area: 8 m by 8 m to a depth of 2.25 m / work stepwise
Duration: 60 hours
The machine has been pushed to the extreme: she was strapped to a tree and a dumper to be bent to its maximum.
Leveling the yard with Smartpel Move

I picked , scraped , dug and leveled my yard. I also made the flow of 6 m long and 1.20 m depth + laying heating pipes, water and electrical cables.
Excavation near the outdoor pool with Smartpel Move

I made a paving and sanitation of  80 m long and 80 cm deep for access to my pool .

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